36 Fun And Bright Polka Dot Home Decor Ideas 25
36 Fun And Bright Polka Dot Home Decor Ideas 25

37 Fun And Bright Polka Dot Home Decor Ideas

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Decorating a room can be as simple as adding one color along with another, such as painting the walls green then putting in yellow furniture, or having an all-white ensemble, or maybe even being a little bit experimental and placing different colors in a single room. But after the work is done, you will suddenly feel the blandness of a room, particularly if the room looks too normal. Break the normalcy by adding not just color to your room, but by putting in a polka-dot rug. It can be used in any room, in any way possible.

One thing you can do is buy area rugs with polka dots on them as a means to spruce up a living room or even a den. This can be especially appealing in houses that have modern themes. Polka-dotted wool rugs can also be a great addition to any household, especially to a bedroom to add a feeling of comfort. Can you imagine having a wool rug touching your bare feet when you wake up in the morning in your modern minimalist bedroom? And while you’re at it, get a bathroom mat as well, giving your white-tiled bathroom a little style. You know you’re tired of that plain-looking bathroom, and you know that some dots will really liven things up a bit. Rugs may be something a person does not automatically think about when buying things, but getting one will really make a difference, especially on the impact of the house’s design. Getting a polka-dot rug may not be the usual rug color you think of when you do consider getting a rug, but a polka-dotted rug is something that will really work as a conversation piece in your home.

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