38 Stylish Industrial Desks Design Ideas For Your Office27
38 Stylish Industrial Desks Design Ideas For Your Office27

38 Stylish Industrial Desks Design Ideas For Your Office

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With the amount of time we spend working at an office desk you’d think the perfect system for keeping everything organized that lets us work efficiently would have been invented during the industrial revolution, yet even now most people still struggle to work effectively and comfortably.

A few years ago ergonomic chairs started to become available, and these have been credited with reducing muscle injuries. Desks on the other hand are still rectangular flat surfaces that are often too large meaning we have to stretch to reach items placed in in trays or switch on our desk light.

Modern desk designs are starting to become popular as more manufacturers adopt designs that work rather than simply stick with tradition. Modern desks look funky, they provide plenty scope for adding extra functionality, and they are more ergonomic than old style desks.

With modern styles we also get a variety of colors to blend the desk with the rest of the room decor. Choosing black, brown, or white in a tastefully decorated room often makes the desks stand out, especially if they are arranged in cubicles with plain colored square panels to separate the desks.

Very few people enjoy working in cubicles, and whilst corner desks are designed to allow greater movement, they still face directly into a corner and are demotivating to work at.

What makes a desk more ergonomic? And how does that help with efficiency? These are both good questions, essentially an ergonomic desk allows the user to reach all parts of the desk surface, including items on the desk with minimal effort and possible injury.

At the same time, and ergonomically designed desk typically has convenient storage such as shelves, keyboard trays, mouse pads, monitor stands etc built directly into the desk at positions and angles that are designed to improve efficiency.


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