Space Saving Retractable Loft Beds Design Ideas 25
Space Saving Retractable Loft Beds Design Ideas 25

37 Space Saving Retractable Loft Beds Design Ideas

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My family of three lives in a small, two-bedroom condominium. We’re used to not having much space for our things, and have to be very conscious about size prior to making a new purchase. For example, whereas most folks would be able to walk into Best Buy and purchase any size television they want, we have to take precise measurements in our living room to make sure the flat-panel set will fit in the designated area between the bookcase and the balcony door. We also have to turn to space-saving solutions whenever possible, such as buying a loft kids bed instead of a regular one.

A loft kids bed is a terrific option for a tiny bedroom like the one in my condo. A loft kids bed sits on raised legs that elevate the mattress portion a good four feet off the ground. This allows you to utilize the space under the actual sleeping area for something like a desk or a chest of drawers.

We essentially double the amount of usable real estate by being able to keep the mattress up in the air, which is critical for cramped quarters like these.

We started looking for a good loft kids bed as soon as our son was old enough to leave his crib behind. Even though he wasn’t in school at the time, we knew it would pay off to plan ahead for that eventuality. Therefore, we decided that a loft kids bed with a desk underneath would be a smarter choice than one of those traditional beds that would fill the whole room. We checked a few furniture stores, but weren’t satisfied with the selection, so we ended up looking online.

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites that sell the kind of beds we were interested in. We found a lot of different loft kids bed designs to choose from, and were pleased with the prices that we saw. Some websites even offered free delivery, while others were able to suggest local handymen to come help with the assembly and installation.

We figured proper assembly was important considering the type of injuries that might result from shoddy work, so we ended up purchasing from a place that offered this service. The set-up went very smoothly, and we couldn’t be happier with the product.

Not everyone out there can afford to live in a spacious house with huge bedrooms. If you are faced with the same space-saving challenges that we are, then I suggest buying a loft kids bed for your child’s room instead of a standard model. These beds really do make a big difference in the amount of space you have left over, and are actually quite affordable, so the choice is an easy one. Check them out today!


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