Brilliant Space Saving And Multifunctional Desk Design Ideas27
Brilliant Space Saving And Multifunctional Desk Design Ideas27

37 Brilliant Space Saving And Multifunctional Desk Design Ideas

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With space available at a premium these days, organizing your office or the kids study needs to be done with a judicious use of space. One of the many things that can help you save space is the right choice of a desk. A desk is invariably required to hold the computer and other stationery. There are a variety of space saving desks available today.

Things that usually go on the desk will include the computer, paper files, CDs and other stationery items. A computer desk should have sufficient space for the monitor to sit on the table top. There are many designs available that you could choose from depending on the amount of space you have and the utility needed.

If you are looking for a desk that will give you a lot of storage space to put away the kids’ school supplies, there are desks available that have drawers and cabinets below the table top as well as cabinets above the table top.

If your room has a corner that can be utilized, a corner desk is ideal. It will give you a lot of desk space and at the same time it will not eat up much on the utilizable floor space. The corner desk could have draws and cabinets to store material and the table top could house the monitor and keyboard.

Today you have many modern designs available which take up very little space. They are usually portable. Some look like a pole with shelves out at different levels on the pole. Each shelf can be used to hold different things like the computer box, the monitor, the printer or even your paper files. Each platform or shelf can be independently adjusted as required for both height and position. They provide versatility and a space saving option.

Another option available is a compact workstation where the work surface can fold up to become the door or cover for the storage space. The storage space can hold your laptop and other items. You could also go in for a wall mounted workstation. It gives you the flexibility of putting up shelves on the wall according to you requirement giving you enough space for all your things and at the same time not utilizing any of the floor space.

If you just want a space to keep your computer, keyboard and monitor – there are wall mountable computer stations available in a variety of designs. One design has a pole with adjustable components to hold the computer, monitor and keyboard.

There is another design which has a flat wall mount option available. In this design the monitor is mounted on the wall with a flip up keyboard and mouse tray that can be hidden when not in use. This comes with a separate wall mountable CPU holder. These designs use no floor space at all.

You can find these solutions in varying designs and colors, at a number of furniture stores and retailers. Make sure to choose a desk that fits your requirement and the space available.

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