Inspiring Kitchen Backsplash Tile Design Ideas 32
Inspiring Kitchen Backsplash Tile Design Ideas 32

45 Inspiring Kitchen Backsplash Tile Design Ideas

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Creating breathtaking kitchen backsplash tile designs is not something that can raise one’s hackles. Right? Quite the opposite, actually. With the staggering array of designs in glass, metal, ceramic and stone to choose from, your rather cavalier approach to this very serious task could prove to be the harbinger of gloom.

To add to your consternation is the deluge of fabulous colors and spectacular finishes that demand their pound of flesh, a la Shylock.

Discard That Antiquated View

Most homeowners don’t really care a fig for the kitchen backsplash, and treat it with an air of disdain. You may like to dismiss it rather nonchalantly as just another too-generic-to-be-effective, functional feature of the kitchen, but the fact remains that this small but supremely significant space can actually transform your kitchen from dull and dreary to dazzling and delightful.

Today’s tile designs are more than just the protection that your inanimate wall deserves. They can become the supreme inspiration behind the most artistic of all creations.

Challenge The Natural Order

The best part about tile designs is the simply mind-blowing choice that’s available to homeowners. Thankfully, you are liberated from the constraints of the ceramic tile designs. Here’s how you can bring about a Renaissance of sorts in your vapid space:

  • Metal tiles: Copper, tin or stainless steel, you are treated to the dual benefits of style and substance. And the fusion of a metal backsplash with other metallic features of the kitchen like the faucets and cabinet handles is a marriage that leaves a sterling impact. Retro, modern or country, kitchens will never be the same again.
  • Glass tiles: It’s their sheer brilliance that causes a flutter. These tiles are ideal for those that are keen to look beyond their inherent advantages of ease of installation and low-maintenance, and want their kitchen to shine and sizzle.
  • Stone tiles: Your research on tile designs for the backsplash is incomplete without their redoubtable presence. They leave no stone unturned in sweeping you off your feet.
  • Ceramics: The numero uno choice that seems to have carved a niche for itself in the world of tile designs. With a gargantuan range of colors, sizes and prices to choose from, they have made unimaginable leaps to the frontline.

These tile designs certainly have what it takes to gladden the hearts of many.


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