Amazing Decorating Ideas For Country Style Living Room 22
Amazing Decorating Ideas For Country Style Living Room 22

48 Amazing Decorating Ideas For Country Style Living Room

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There is no more welcoming, warm decor than country style. Country decor often brings back fond memories of grandma’s house, family gatherings and delicious meals. Your home should reflect your own personality and likes; after all, you and your family are the ones that spend your lives there.

Everyone wants a home that gives a warm and inviting impression, but you want it to be appealing as well. These tips will help you spruce up your living room and add splashes of interest!

The Key to Country decor

Often it is the little extras or ‘accents’ that create a country atmosphere in your home. Wood furniture is essential for this look; natural fabrics such as cotton textiles add depth and color.

Dishes that you collect for display and other knick knacks should be made of pewter, copper, iron, stone and other natural materials. If you have lots of collectibles in the kitchen area, display them on a wrought iron baker’s rack for added appeal.

Giving Furniture That Comfortable Worn ‘Country’ Look

With country decor, you want your furniture to appear slightly worn for rustic appeal. If you have wooden furniture, this look is easy to achieve. You can apply a layer of paint, let it dry partially, and then rub the edges and other areas that would wear during normal use with a cloth or sponge.

Alternatively, let the paint dry thoroughly and then sand edges lightly with sand paper to create the worn look. When you buy wooden furniture, choose light colored wood such as pine to add to the country feel.

Accents Make All The Difference!

There are endless options when it comes to accents for the country decor theme. There is nothing like a hand-made quilt to add an extra element of country to the room. Throw one over the back of the sofa or toss it across a corner of a rocking chair. Throw pillows are an easy way to add color and texture as well.

Choose throw pillows with crocheted covers or tapestry designs that are country oriented. Braided rugs are wonderful when used with this style of decor! Place a large oval braided rug in the center of the room and then arrange furnishings around the rug for a cozy central area in which to relax or entertain guests.

Baskets, copper pots and vases are a necessity when it comes to country decor. Baskets can be used in nearly any room. In the living room, place a small basket on the mantle above the fireplace, or on a coffee or end table.

Fill the basket with dried flowers, greenery and herbs. In the kitchen, place a medium sized basket in the center of the table filled with painted wooden fruits. Baskets are great for holding towels in the bathroom, and for holding magazines in the living room.

Copper and stone pots add an earthy touch to this decor. Add some flowers fresh out of your garden, or fill them with herbs. Place them anywhere and everywhere! There is nothing quite like live plants and herbs to make a home feel warm and welcoming.


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