Stunning Chic Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget 34
Stunning Chic Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget 34

46 Stunning Chic Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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Shabby chic has become a popular interior decorating style and you can take principles from this design style and apply them in your home to create a space that is comfortable and functional.

It doesn’t hurt if your house already has that lived-in feel; then it only takes a few subtle changes to capture the shabby chic appeal.

Whites and other light neutrals are the essential colors behind an effective shabby chic color scheme. Decorating in this style mandates at least a few trips to some local thrift stores to pick up a few vintage pieces that can really spice up the room you are decorating.

You also may be able to resurrect a few of those pieces you’ve had in storage or tucked away in the attic; anything that has that old, care-worn look can be used effectively in shabby chic decor.

A big fluffy couch with lots of pillows or an old loveseat or recliner that is still in good repair but just needs a little TLC may make great pieces for you to build the room around. A word of caution, do not take the shabby part of shabby chic to too much of an extreme; there is a difference between care-worn and worn out.

Slipcovers are a very big part of this type of decor and it does not take a great deal to make really nice slipcovers for a couch or loveseat. Choose a neutral color for the slipcover with a dash of vibrancy in the trim or piping.

A little research on the Internet will garner you several websites with detailed information on correctly measuring the piece of furniture you are making the slipcover for and making a pattern for it.

A trip around the neighborhood on the big trash pickup day may be very rewarding; one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Again discretion is necessary, you don’t want to bring home junk, but if you do find a nice sturdy piece of furniture consider bringing it home and painting it white. If you are a little more skilled you may want to consider distressing the wood by hand.


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