Inspiring Backsplash Bathroom Ideas For Inspiration 26
Inspiring Backsplash Bathroom Ideas For Inspiration 26

49 Inspiring Backsplash Bathroom Ideas For Inspiration

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Ceramic mosaic tile can be very beautiful, but it can look very busy if you install it over a whole floor or wall. One use for this type of thing is the ceramic tile backsplash. There are two main areas where a decorative backsplash is common – the kitchen and the bathroom.

Kitchen backsplashes are commonly placed behind the stove, as well as sometimes over the sink. They are meant to protect the wall behind the stove from getting damaged from the typical splatters that might occur while cooking over the stove. Those that are placed over the sink are meant to protect that wall from water. As kitchen sinks tend to be further away from the wall than bathroom sinks, this is not as necessary.

A bathroom backsplash, however, is very important unless you happen to have a pedestal sink. You need to have something over the plaster wall so that the wall won’t get damaged should water splash over the sink and go to the wall. Paint is not enough. Using a ceramic tile backsplash is a nice way to achieve this with a bit of style. You can always use a simple backsplash made of the same material as the sink, but using tile gives you a bit more freedom with the design.

Regardless of whether you are creating a ceramic tile backsplash for the kitchen or the bathroom, you need to carefully consider the size, shape, and color of the tiles that you are using. You can create a design using a single shape of tiles and just varying the colors, or you can use a number of different shapes. Just make sure that you don’t make it too busy looking with too many patterns going on.

If you are creating a ceramic tile backsplash for the bathroom, you can make it something small and simple, going just two inches up past the level of the sink. But a larger backsplash is possible if you desire. In the kitchen, you want the backsplash to fill in the entire space left behind the stove up to the cabinet above, in most cases. Normally these backsplashes are about the width of the stove. People are more likely to go with kitchen backsplash tile designs, though such designs are sometimes used in the bathroom as well.


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