Stunning Brick Fireplace Mantle Design Ideas On A Budget 06
Stunning Brick Fireplace Mantle Design Ideas On A Budget 06

48 Stunning Brick Fireplace Mantle Design Ideas On A Budget

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Looking for some fireplace mantel designs ideas? There are so many options of both materials and looks available, that you’re sure to be able to either buy or create the perfect mantel design for your family. You’ll have the choice of choosing a mantel that can be adapted easily for a new look (particularly if you get bored with your surroundings), or the more permanent variety such as big logs, heavy beams or even stone shelving.

A traditional or colonial type look never seems to go out of style. Or perhaps you would go for the pioneer, or rustic look for your design. One of my previous homes employed a mammoth wooden beam for the mantel, which was a stunning complement to the stone that surrounded the masonry fireplace. It made a perfect backdrop for memorable family photos!

Corner Fireplace Mantel

Somewhat of a relative newcomer on the scene are the up and coming corner fireplace mantel designs. Ideal for smaller areas (the mantel can extend no further than the wall, of course), there are many options available here as well. Are you interested in a do-it-yourself kit which you can then decorate to your heart’s desire?

Or maybe you’d prefer to hire a pro to create it according to your precise instructions. You could choose to buy or order locally or from an online vendor. Ideas are literally at your fingertips when you search online for pictures and ideas for your project. Collecting a number of styles that appeal to you can help you to decipher what you like the most.

Options for Styles and Materials

Your fireplace mantle designs don’t have to be constructed of wood anymore. You can choose from many materials, including brick, marble, slate, stone, or even granite! Perhaps you lean towards a Victorian feel, or maybe you prefer the timeless colonial look. Whether you like simplicity or ornamental carvings, you can create the perfect mantel design with some time and effort.

Decorating Fireplace Mantel

You’ve decided on your choice of material. Now what is the best way to decorate it to enhance its natural beauty? Popular in many new homes are the wide-screen televisions that are placed above the mantel. Tall decor on the shelf would interfere with the picture on the tube, so you might opt for some simple vases or shorter decorations on each end in this case.

Quite appealing also is to center a painting above the fireplace and then fill out your decor with assorted knick-knacks or seasonal decorations. My favorite is to place a small ceramic village with people figures all across the top of my shelf. I then add seasonal changes to vary the feel, and it looks great with my small fireplace mantel design.


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