Popular Beige Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Ideas 36
Popular Beige Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Ideas 36

46 Popular Beige Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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One of the good things about European bathroom vanities is that they can be placed in traditional, classical and even modern designs. Since it is highly detailed and elegant, the vanity instantly draws attention to itself as the bathroom’s main attraction.

European vanities come in various colors, shapes and styles so here are some tips to help you find the right one.

The Old-Fashioned Route

Traditional European bathroom vanities use a lot of hardwood or are wholly made of it. The most popular woods are Cherry, Oak, Walnut and Redwood. A polished or rustic wood vanity is very effective in providing a European aura. These also create a nice contrast with the mirror and bathroom tiles. It is recommended to give a lot of light to bring out the luster and color of hardwood. You may choose the best color that compliments the area.

Classic European bathroom vanities may either be made of pure dark wood or have several components featuring an overall elegant and rich style. The vanity tries to convey and imitate the classy style of marble through cherry or mahogany. Antique accessories and parts like knobs, pulls and mild accents are perfect for the dark hues. Brass or gold color faucets look great as well creating a very symmetrical and stylish effect.

Modern Europe

Modern European bathroom vanities invest a lot in stone, glass, stainless steel and metal. The luster and brightness of these materials create a contemporary and neat appearance in the room. Colors may also vary widely but most prefer light hues matched with solid black or gray. The mix of dark and light colors in the vanity provides a very sleek and modern feel. Surfaces and doors are very smooth and some may even come without any knobs, pulls or handles.

Mirrors in modern style vanities can come in various shapes and may also be larger in size since these aim to make rooms seem bigger. Faucets are almost always made of stainless steel for a hi-tech look. The top is usually stone like marble in solid black or dark brown. The drawers will then have to be white or light beige for a striking contrast.

Space is very important in modern vanity designs so cabinets may range up to 48 inches with 6-inch increments. Accessories and other bathroom items are also recommended to be stored in cabinets for a clean look. As much as possible, the surface and surroundings should be free of any item or clutter.


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