Lovely Black Accent Walls Bedrooms Ideas 19
Lovely Black Accent Walls Bedrooms Ideas 19

49 Lovely Black Accent Walls Bedrooms Ideas

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Black bedroom walls make a huge impact in the space but you want to make sure that it is making the right impression. These colors really require quite a lot of decoration just because you need to break up such a dark wall. This is especially true if you have an entire room in black or you just have one focal wall. Here are a few different designs that you can use to really make the most of black bedroom walls.

Consider a wall of mirrors. Really the black is going to frame this out quite beautifully. The type of mirror that you choose is going to determine the theme. This could almost have a nautical sensibility to it if you just add in round mirrors with rope trim. It can also be elegant or retro with a lot of starburst shape mirrors. For a modern design, just stick with very simple lines and clean frames. This is a way to bounce light around the room so that the black doesn’t seem so dark.

Another really great option is to go with painted designs. This is going to allow you to bring in a lot of different colors, which is perfect if you just want an accent wall but you want to tie it in with the rest of your room. In a teenagers room you could just try writing a lot of different words on the wall.

You could even go with an entire blackboard kind of design where they can constantly change out their artwork with chalk. For more of a modern room try a geometric print that you can copy from fabric. You can use black and then pair it with softer taupes, it’ll kind of look neutral but still has a dramatic impact.

You can also go with more of a quilt pattern painted directly on the walls. You could even go with a real quilt just because the black color is really going to make things seem a lot more contemporary. If you paint a patchwork effect right on your walls make sure that it’s done impeccably so that it doesn’t look too messy or too busy.


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