Minimalist Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Kids 46
Minimalist Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Kids 46

48 Minimalist Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Kids

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Whether you are a mother of four or have just one bundle of joy, sometimes you need help with original ideas with which to decorate a child’s bedroom. From babies to teens, decorating any bedroom can present a challenge.

For those who don’t have that much of an imagination or simply need a little motivation, this article offers some great ideas that will help them create bedrooms every member of their family will love.

For baby’s room

Decorating an infant’s room can be very time consuming and costly; everyone wants their baby’s room to be perfect. If you are decorating for a baby boy, then of course the first thing that comes to mind is blue, but you don’t always have to stick to that color. There are several different colors that are appropriate for a boy as well; colors such as green, brown, and yellow. Using these colors will allow you to expand your options, so that you don’t have to stick to blue themes.

Try decorating your baby’s room with a theme such as a football, soccer or even a Toy Story. It’s extremely easy to find accents, wall paper and other accessories for these styles. Pink, lavender, baby blue and other pastels are perfect for a baby girl’s room. Consider a ballerina or cowgirl theme, or incorporate some well known characters such as Hello Kitty or Dora the Explorer.

As they grow

As children get older, decorating becomes more difficult and your kids may not want to cooperate with your ideas. Completely redecorating the room can be very stressful, not to mention expensive. One way to save money is simply to move the furniture around, which will give a completely different look to the room.

Consider changing the bedding as well for a fresh new look. To give a room a whole new feel without spending a great deal of money, consider painting the walls or adding stenciled patterns. Add a new lamp, and the room takes on an entirely different appearance. Compromise with your children; let them have a say in decorating the room, as long as they stay within limits.

Go with what you already have

Completely redecorating a bedroom can cost a small fortune, especially if it includes all new furniture, bedding, accents and window treatments. Make changes that allow you to incorporate some of the existing decor in the room. For example, if your daughter wants a princess themed bedroom and there is already a great deal of pink in the room, you can accomplish the look without spending as much money. Make small changes here and there. For example you may want to include a princess-theme mural painted on a single wall.

Children can be stubborn when it comes to decorating their bedroom. Making a few simple changes can create an entirely new “vibe” in the room without breaking your budget! Explain that you cannot afford to spend a great deal of money, and that there must be a compromise. In the end, your child will have a bedroom they like, and you will save a bundle by making simple changes, and doing what you can by yourself.


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