Stunning Small Bathroom Tub Shower Combo Remodeling 44
Stunning Small Bathroom Tub Shower Combo Remodeling 44

45 Stunning Small Bathroom Tub Shower Combo Remodeling

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Whether you’re doing a new construction project or remodeling your bathroom, at some point you’ll probably need to put in a shower. You can do anything from a small single shower that is completely made already (prefabricated) all the way up to custom enclosures that are painstakingly tiled by a professional tiler.

They can be small or large, hold one person or multiple, have one shower head or many, the options are much more extensive than they were when your parents bought their first house.

Smaller bathrooms have few options, but for larger bathrooms, you can choose between a separate bathtub and shower stall or a tub/shower combo. Most shower stalls have a lip that holds in the water, but this creates a small step that might be difficult for some people to get over safely.

For people who have trouble in this area or who use a wheelchair, the best solution is to have a curb-less shower where the flooring is designed to retain the water naturally, usually by having the drain in the middle at a lower level, almost creating a bowl effect in the bottom of the stall. For those who need it a seat can be put in shower stalls for extra safety and comfort.

If you choose to install separate shower stalls and soaking tubs you can feel good knowing that this is often safer because the floors of stall showers are usually made up of small ceramic tiles, which are less slippery.


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