Simply Dining Room Decor Inspirations 45
Simply Dining Room Decor Inspirations 45

48 Simply Dining Room Decor Inspirations

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The dining room can be a formal area that you use for guests or it can be a casual area where your family gathers to eat. No matter what you use your dining room for, infusing it with your personality and a sense of style means that it’ll not only look great but be a great place to eat.

Read on to grab some ideas for your dining room. Dining Room Furniture The dining room table is the centrepiece of the entire dining room and, as such, you need to choose it carefully.

There are options ranging from traditional wooden looks, to ultra modern and contemporary glass topped tables. You can even find options that make use of wrought iron or steel. Do you need an extendable table to create more room? Does the table come with complementing chairs or do you have the option to choose your own? Also consider the size of the dining room.

A table that is too small will only look silly, while a large table will dwarf the space as well as being wholly unpractical. The shape of the table is another consideration and the most common shapes are round, oval, rectangular, and square.

Dining chairs can be traditionally wooden, comfortably upholstered, wrought iron, made from modern materials such as Lucite, plastic or resin, retro, or a mix of natural items. Indeed, there is a huge range available so it is just a matter of choosing something that fits your personal style as well as the decor of the home.

Be aware of the size of the chairs. If they are too large, they may not fit under the table properly (if you are not buying them as part of a set) or you may not be able to pull them out far enough to sit down comfortably if you have a smaller dining room.

Also consider the practicality of the material. Fabric chairs may get stained easily while padded chairs offer more comfort. Finally, check the height of the chair. Your feet should be able to fit flat on the floor for maximum comfort.

Lighter colors tend to feel more casual and open, and create a feeling of space, while darker colors create a sense of formality and class, but may make smaller areas feel closed in. Other furniture options include china cabinets, buffets, baker’s racks, bars, and mirrors.

Bear in mind, however, that the more pieces of furniture in your dining room; the more formal it will appear to be. If you have ornaments or treasures that you’d like to display, buffets and cabinets are the perfect option.

You can use these additional pieces of furniture to create different looks – oriental-inspired, country, sleek modern, and so forth. You really are limited only by your personal space.

Arranging your Dining Room

Arranging your dining room is almost as important as what you choose to put in it. If you have a chandelier or a light feature, always center the table underneath it. This creates balance. To create drama, angle your table diagonally. If your light feature is in the center of the room, consider moving it. This is because dining furniture that is arranged from the center out runs the risk of looking cramped.

A rug, even if the room is carpeted, can create extra visual interest as well as serving the practical purpose of protecting both the floor and the furniture. The rug will also help to tie the theme of the room together – and they are available in any style that you can think of. Just make sure that the rug is big enough to fit under the table and chairs. Place a mirror across from the dining setting. It will reflect it back and create the illusion of space and light.

Dining Room Colors

When it comes to choosing a color for your dining room, the sky really is the limit. However, this can also make it hard to choose. One option is to take a color from your dining furniture and base the paint colors on different shades of this. As well as different colors, there are different effects and textures.

To help you get more ideas and make a decision, the internet is a great tool as most major paint companies have galleries online that show you different colors and the effects that you can achieve with them. Paint showrooms also have some great examples.

If you have a bit of time on your hands, head to the local library or book shop to check out some interior design books. Alternatively, check out the lifestyle shows on TV for ideas on the latest trends.


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