Best Ways To Bring The Beach Inside Or Upgrading Your Room Design 04
Best Ways To Bring The Beach Inside Or Upgrading Your Room Design 04

34 Best Ways To Bring The Beach Inside Or Upgrading Your Room Design

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You don’t need to live in the tropics to enjoy a beautiful Lanai porch. The word “Lanai” comes from a central Hawaiian island renowned for its pineapples; but even if there’s a severe lack of exotic fruit in your garden, a Lanai screen room could be the perfect way for you to make the most of your space.

Step Outside Without Moving an Inch

While traditional, all-American screen rooms can be found across the USA, screen Lanais are far more popular in the sunniest states. Most often installed as pool houses, Lanais are sturdy, permanent fixtures. They are built around beams and posts, ready to withstand the most adverse weather conditions, and provide ultimate comfort, all year round. You’ll see many people in Florida and across the United States with screen enclosures outside their home.

Lanais are a step up from self-assembly screen rooms. They are a truly elegant way to appreciate the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Screen Lanais are made to catch passing breezes and ventilate your home with cool, fresh air. Most Lanais have interiors designed to create a year-round vacation feel, with swing chairs and atmospheric accents that provide an exotic, yet practical relaxation space.

Plan Your Screen Lanai’s Space

Whether you’re in Florida or Wisconsin, California, or Rhode Island, if you long for that Lanai, Hawaii feel, or just a cozy all-weather escape, here are a few decorative suggestions to get your ideas flowing:

Private Beach: For the ultimate fun Island feel, think about relaxed ocean azures with bright splashes of tropical lime, mango, and fuchsia. Your color scheme can make your cozy little Lanai into a beach holiday inside your home.

British Colonial: For a more reserved room, consider the dark, deep hardwoods of traditional colonial furniture. These rich, fine woods mirror the natural elegance of more exotic woods, and the thin-framed seats and coffee tables look wonderful when accented with leafy plants and foliage-patterned cushions.

Tropical Hideaway: Sharp, sleek lines paired with comfortable, understated lounge seats, complimented by strong hardwoods and furniture woven from crushed bamboo can come together create a room that looks fascinatingly exotic, but feels wonderfully cozy.


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