Beautiful Fireplace Fall Décor Ideas For Living Room 47
Beautiful Fireplace Fall Décor Ideas For Living Room 47

48 Beautiful Fireplace Fall Décor Ideas For Living Room

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Do you have a fireplace in your home, but you aren’t using it very often? Is it just sitting there taking up valuable wall space? Well here are some ideas to help you incorporate it into your home’s décor and help you enjoy this wonderful addition to your home.

One very easy way to make your fireplace more a part of your home is to add a fireplace screen. If your fireplace does not already have glass doors on it, a fireplace screen will add beauty and safety. It will keep the sparks from your fire from landing on your flooring and causing burn marks that are not easily removed.

Fireplace screens also can be very beautiful. There are thousands of options available, from stained glass to wrought iron to solid brass. Stained glass fireplace screens in particular can add style that is very specific to your preferences. But if you do not care for the stained glass look, you can choose the metal fireplace screens, which also add beauty and style.

Another great way to help you get more enjoyment out of your fireplace would be to use the proper tools to clean it out. Now electric or gas fireplaces would not need many tools, but if you have a wood burning fireplace, the proper fireplace tools make this messy job much easier. Like fireplace screens, fireplace tools come in many different styles. Sometimes you can even get a matched set.

These tools are often sold as a fireset, which means they include all the necessary fireplace tools: poker, brush, pan, and scissor tongs. They can also be sold separately, but the fireset is a great way to go, since it will include the rack for all your fireplace tools to rest upon.

Andirons are yet another way to add style to your fireplace. They also come in many different styles. Some even have characters like owls or lions. If you are wondering what an andiron is, it is the rack that your logs sit upon inside the fireplace. It keeps the logs from falling out of your fireplace as they burn and it also helps the logs burn more evenly.

Looking for a great place to keep your unburned logs? How about a stylish looking log holder? As with fireplace screens, tools and andirons, you can sometimes find them in a fashion that matches your home décor. Log holders keep the logs that you have yet to burn in a neat pile which is easily accessible.


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