Stylish Modern Halloween Decorating Ideas 28
Stylish Modern Halloween Decorating Ideas 28

47 Stylish Modern Halloween Decorating Ideas

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Before we move on, though, it’s worth mentioning something about elegance and subtlety. While some modern stylists try to go for an understated look, and while this can create some great results, it’s just not Halloween. Think about it: people put on grotesque costumes, watch films about the fantastic or the macabre, and just generally let go for a night. Your guests won’t be wanting subtlety!

Get things started right with one of the simplest but most effective decorations you can come by: the jack-o-lantern. A jack-o-lantern is such an icon of Halloween that its popularity never seems to wane, and for good reason. The second guests see a candle flickering inside a hollowed out pumpkin, they’re immediate put into the perfect frame of mind to enjoy the rest of your presentation. Don’t miss out!

The best Halloween decorations in the world probably wouldn’t look too great under bright fluorescent lights, so be careful how you light things for your party. Since this is Halloween, you want a look that’s dark and eerie, so go with things like black lights or strobe lights.

For the best results, you might even use candles in appropriate holders, but be sure to keep these a safe distance from your guests. If you’ve got money to spend, some places now sell pumpkin-shaped lights or regular bulbs in dark purple, orange, or other Halloween colors. Take a look around and don’t be afraid to experiment.

One of the worst mistakes any host can make is to fail to ensure that his or her guests are properly fed. Just because this is a Halloween party doesn’t mean you can skimp out, either! On the contrary, guests often expect Halloween themed foods such as refreshments shaped like bats or pumpkins, serving bowls shaped like skulls, or sinister menu items like “blood punch” (any red-colored flavor will do).

Maybe you’ve done all the above, but you still aren’t satisfied with the results? Still not scary enough for you? In that case, it’s time to transform your home itself into a location suitable for the children of the night. Cover your walls with garbage bags and then you can either leave them black or paint things upon them.

You could even use a bit of paint to make your walls look like a dungeon or mad scientist’s lab! By stretching out cotton balls, you can easily make convincing looking spider webs to hang on everything. Finally, blanket the whole place in a thick low-lying fog with a fog machine. It’ll look fantastic!


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