Lovely Cool Color Make Room Look Bigger Design Ideas 39
Lovely Cool Color Make Room Look Bigger Design Ideas 39

44 Lovely Cool Color Make Room Look Bigger Design Ideas

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While it is not possible to change the dimensions of a room, a few simple, cost effective techniques can be employed to fool others to believing that you really have a spacious room.

The first trick is to creatively choose the right paint colors in your design scheme. Pastels such as powder blue, light yellow or lilac, and other softer hues reflects natural light and lets it bounce around the room giving it the appearance of being airy. Creams and icy blues are bright and reflective and create an illusion to make your room look bigger and brighter. Adding a light or white trim can also help create the illusion of more space.

Light earth tones and pale, neutral wall colors merge with the background and do not grab attention. Thus they create an impression of open space which assists in making the room look larger than it actually is. Remember cool colors recede into the background while warm colors appear to advance towards you. Dark colors absorb light thereby making the room appear smaller.

Another trick is to consider using a single paint color. If you paint a small room with the same color it makes the room feel bigger. Opt for paint with slight sheen as opposed to a flat paint. Consider painting your walls the same color as your light colored upholstery. This will help the large furniture items to virtually recede into the walls and create an open feeling in the room.

What about the Ceiling?

Most homes have a white ceiling which is ideal to make a room appear taller than it actually is. A better option is to add a tiny amount of your lighter wall color to white to create a version that is not stark white which will allow everything to stay balanced and open. Alternately, by painting walls and ceilings the same color, it’ll trick the eye into thinking ceilings are higher than they really are.

Other strategies include reducing furniture or removing the clutter in a small room to give it the illusion of space and the strategic use of mirrors, glass tabletops and polished surfaces. These open up a room, making it appear more spacious. Finally, select shades that make you feel happy, since you have to live there.


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