Cool Floral Wallpaper Ideas For Home 40
Cool Floral Wallpaper Ideas For Home 40

30+ Cool Floral Wallpaper Ideas For Home

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Floral decor never seems to go out of fashion. If you go through your old family photos you will find an array of brown and orange flower images on curtains, heavily patterned leaf motifs on thick pile carpets, and of course a floral brown velour sofa in your favourite aunt’s house. Today’s use of floral imagery requires a slightly more subtle approach, with milder ‘rustic’ and ‘shabby chic’ themes being the order of the day. More of us are opting to use florals to add a sense of freshness and romance to our homes, rather than using wild, bold floral prints that trigger ADHD in children.

As with any design scheme, you can either plan it, buy it and create it – or let it evolve as you find the right pieces. If you have large rooms and plain walls, there are some easy ways to bring huge canvases of flowers into your home. Some of the obvious places that we tend to use floral patterns, include:

Curtains: Using floral curtains will provide you with an elegant frame to your windows during the day and a pretty evening scene when you draw your curtains at night. If the rest of your room is fairly plain, then you can use a stronger print on your curtains. Or, you might want to use single tone curtains that have a elaborate botanical design embroidered onto them. Always opt for lined curtains where possible, so that you insulate your home and block out daylight in bedrooms.

Wallpaper: There is an excellent array of wallpapers available nowadays, catering for all tastes in terms of design and budgets. There is still a trend to wallpaper a single feature wall, as opposed to the whole room. This works best when the wallpapered wall provides the backdrop to your room’s focal point. This might be your fireplace, or your headboard wall. Choosing pale colours will help create a fresh, feeling of space. Choose busy patterns and dark colours carefully as your wallpaper might look great on a twenty foot wall in the B&Q showroom but it might be over-powering in your twelve foot living room.

Sofa: If you fall in love with a heavy floral designed sofa or armchair, take care to select tones from that piece of furniture and use them in your curtains, cushions, accessories and floor coverings. The whole scheme should be pleasing to your eye because your living room is a place of relaxation; each piece should not be fighting for your attention.

Bed Linen: Whether you sleep as a star fish, or in a neatly wrapped cocoon, your bed should be a haven for rest and recuperation. Some people are happy wrapped in duvet covers with whacky prints, and some of us prefer elegant jacquard covers in neutral tones. Either way, there is a floral design somewhere to match your preferences. When you find a design you like, buy the best quality version of that design that you can find. Our bed covers are used and washed frequently and there is a clear difference in quality when you buy a cheap set from Tesco, versus Sanderson for example. You can scrimp on a plain bottom sheet, but always choose elegant covers.

For those of you who prefer a more understated approach, who just want a hint of flower power in your homes, you could bring a touch of the outdoors in, with the following:

Cushions: For some reason women appreciate cushions more than men. We love cushions on our beds, our chairs, our sofas – even on our dining chairs! Whether you choose a cushion because it is pretty, or because you want it to support your back, a simple floral cushion can bring your favourite armchair to life. Always choose tones that complement your existing scheme. You could use two very different floral prints next to each other as long as the colour theme is maintained. You can even sit floral and striped cushions together as long as their colours work in harmony.

Lamps: Brits are finally learning that lighting is not all about a centre pendant or sunken spotlights. Mood lighting is created with the clever use of lamps at different heights, in different brightnesses, through lampshades made of different materials, in different colours. Avoid fussy floral lamp bases and use your lampshade to bring in your botanical statement. This will focus the attention onto the lampshade and make it cheap to change your scheme later on as you will just need to replace your lampshade.

Accessories: Other ways to include flowers into your room design include choosing floral candle holders, coasters, throws, wall art or foot-stalls. You might even be satisfied with simply taking your tea in a beautiful floral china cup. Whatever you prefer, fake flowers are not a cool option

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