Affordable Diy Wall Art Projects Ideas For Kids Room 29
Affordable Diy Wall Art Projects Ideas For Kids Room 29

30+ Affordable Diy Wall Art Projects Ideas For Kids Room

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One of the most difficult crowds when it comes to crafting are teenagers. This is possibly because teenagers look at crafting as something that is boring and is a very “tamed” activity. As we all know, teens love activities that energize them and boost their adrenaline. Here are top five fun crafting projects for teenagers that are sure to make them see crafting in a different light.

1. Do It Yourself Bath Products.

Teaching teenagers how to make their own soaps, bath salts, body gels and other bath products can definitely spark a teenager’s interest in DIY stuff. After all, teens, especially girls, are known to be vain. Teens can play “laboratory” in your own kitchen and the best part is they can try out their very own bath product recipes.

2. Sewing throw pillows.

Most teens are interested in operating machines. So take advantage of this curiosity by introducing to them the art of sewing their own throw pillows using a sewing machine of course. You can even have them decorate and embellish their pillows with beads, photos, laces, rick-racks and many more.

3. Simple woodwork for teens.

You can teach teens how to make a basic box with the use of a few pieces of scrap wood. From there, they can venture into making more complicated woodwork designs. Who knows, you might unleash the hidden craftsman in a teenager.

4. Baking cookies.

It’s always nice to see teens cooking in the kitchen so why not introduce them to baking. You can get a simple cookie recipe on the internet and let your kids try it out on your kitchen. Be sure to supervise them when they operate your oven.

5. Painting.

When you were a child, do you remember the time when you wanted to paint your own wall? Teens sure love the thought of getting their way in their rooms so let them paint a wall in their own room. Let them go crazy over painting the wall with their favorite colors and decorating it with products of their imagination. You’ll be surprised at the results and at what it reveals of their personalities.

There are more than a hundred of these fun crafting projects for teenagers so be sure to keep your eyes and mind open for new ideas!

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