Cozy Hanging Plant Decor Ideas To For Your Garden 03
Cozy Hanging Plant Decor Ideas To For Your Garden 03

30+ Cozy Hanging Plant Decor Ideas To For Your Garden

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Who doesn’t love to garden? Well now with the advent of hydroponic gardening anyone can easily create a beautiful indoor herb garden at any time of the year. All you do is fill your hanging plant rooters with some spring water and a plant cutting and your garden is off to a fantastic start.

All of that sounded pretty easy and it is. Hydroponic gardening doesn’t have to be difficult. There is no worry over using chemicals, dirt and mixing up feeding solutions. Gardening in water with the use of hanging plant holders is the simplest solution available.

There are a couple of key points when growing hydroponically and the main one is your choice of water. Tap water is not good for your hanging plant rooters. It has been filtered and then chlorinated. Spring water is your best option here. If you have natural well water this can be used as well. These two types of water will also help your herbs grow pest and disease free.

The biggest advantage of growing your herbs in hanging plant rooters is that you can grow multiple herbs in one place. Growing hydroponically in glass containers is also cheaper. You won’t need to use any ultraviolet lights. You simply hang your plant cuttings in a location in your home which receives lots of light. Your kitchen tends to be a sunny spot and is also easily accessible to snip your herbs while cooking dinner.

Using hanging plant rooters in your windows adds color to your home, and it allows you to grow when you are short on space. So even if you live in an apartment you can still grow your own hanging herb garden. Plus these can be grown all year round, people in winter climates love these hanging plant rooters as it brightens up their home during the long, cold winter months.

To recap here is a list of what you will need for your indoor herb garden:

• Herb cuttings
• Clean pair of snips
• Spring or Well water
• Hanging Plant Rooter – we will show you the best place to get these at the end of this article

As you can see it is a small list of items which are easy to find. Now you have no reason not to grow your own herb or any other type of garden indoors.

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