Creative Entryway Summer Decor Ideas Try For You 28
Creative Entryway Summer Decor Ideas Try For You 28

30+ Creative Entryway Summer Decor Ideas Try For You

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If you’re looking for a uniquely beautiful decorating touch for your home’s entryway door, wire cones could be the perfect solution. Although wreaths and other floral arrangements can certainly work well when displayed on an exterior door, a decorated wire cone can make it easier to change the overall look as the seasons change. As an added bonus, the materials for making this decoration can be quite inexpensive, and the project is easy for even beginners to do. If you’d like to add flowers to your door in a new and eye-catching way, here are some tips you can use.

Creating the Cone


Before you can decorate your door with flowers, you will first need a sturdy wire cone to display them in. You can either purchase a wire cone from a craft or floral shop, or simply make your own. If you want to make a cone, you can use any kind of bendable wire material. Even chicken wire or hardware cloth can be used, making this project especially inexpensive if you have a few scraps of these materials available. Always wear gloves when working with wire materials, since there can be sharp edges. You can use tin snips to cut the wire material into the proper shape and size. Then, roll it into a cone shape, fastening it with the cut ends of the wire mesh or with thin wire or cord. Bend all sharp edges into the center of the cone.

Once the main framework of the cone has been formed, you will need to cover the outside and inside with a decorative and protective material. Durable and colorful fabric can work great, or you can use paper or plastic materials. The goal is to create an attractive looking cone, while also protecting your door from any stray sharp edges of the wire material. Once the cone is covered, you can add a lace, fringe or other decorative trim around the top edge. Tie a matching bow around the cone, as well as a ribbon or cord loop at the top so that you can hang the cone on the door. Once the cone is finished, you’ll be ready to add the flowers.

Choosing and Adding Flowers

It’s really up to you as to what kind of flowers you’d like to display in your door cone. You can use real flowers, or opt for the ease and simplicity of silk flowers. In the spring, daffodils and tulips look lovely when displayed in one of these cones. Fresh wildflowers look great during the summer months, and a bouquet of cheerful sunflowers would look great in the fall.

During the winter months, an arrangement of evergreen boughs, holly berries, or pine cones would work well. If you are using fresh flowers, place the flower stems in individual plastic watering containers before arranging them in the cone, so that they will last longer. Then, when the flowers eventually wilt, simply replace them with fresh blooms. By using one of these decorative cones, you’ll be able to rearrange your door’s d├ęcor whenever you’d like.

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