Fantastic Gallery Wall Design Ideas 34
Fantastic Gallery Wall Design Ideas 34

40+ Fantastic Gallery Wall Design Ideas

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When looking to liven up or transform a room with art that matters to you, a gallery wall is an affordable way to decorate. Whether your items consist of custom framing for paintings, photographs, illustrations, or personal pieces such as handwritten letters or documents of achievements such as a diploma or degree, a gallery wall can truly make your space come to life.

Where Will Your Gallery Live?

The first thing to consider is where your gallery wall will live. Popular options are along the wall of a staircase, above the couch in the living room, or in a hallway, nursery, or office space. Choosing location first will assist in deciding which items will be featured through custom framing. For example, if in the nursery, then family photos will likely take over. If the wall will be featured in your office, more achievement-based items, mixed in with family memories, will likely live on the wall.

Begin With The Biggest Frame

When it comes to delegating where each custom framing item will be placed, both balance and symmetry are key. Use the largest piece as the focal point from which you will organize and scatter the rest of the pieces surrounding it. Space the items apart from each other enough so that each piece will stand out individually, but still work as a part of the whole gallery.

Remember to Have Fun

The best part about creating a gallery wall is that it is entirely up to you. Have fun with it! The various styles, sizes, shapes, and colors of custom framing will only add to the dynamic collage that will be your end result. Whether you wish to have all black frames, black and white, or multi-colored for a child’s playroom or nursery-you are the boss. There is no right or wrong way to delegate as long as you are satisfied with the end result.

Sophisticated or serendipitous, elegant or eclectic, organized or chaotic-whichever theme you decide on for your gallery wall, take it and run with it. By laying the frames out on the floor before putting them on the wall, you can decide if you are pleased with your gallery before taking the hammer to the nail in order to prevent unnecessary holes.

When working with a gallery wall for any given room, choose your theme first, start with the biggest frame, and do not forget to have fun!

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