Excellent Small Apartment Bedroom Design Ideas For College 29
Excellent Small Apartment Bedroom Design Ideas For College 29

30+ Excellent Small Apartment Bedroom Design Ideas For College

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With all the excitement of moving off to college and getting a new space to decorate with your dorm room, your room at home may have fallen by the wayside. In fact, you may have noticed that it could use a lot of updating, but the thought of bringing back your dorm decorations isn’t a pleasant one.

In this new year, don’t keep your old high school decorations around. Take the time to spruce up your room at home by trying college theme decorating and bringing home your college team spirit.

College theme decorating: Getting it on your bed

With any bedroom the bed usually serves as the focal point. It’s the biggest piece of furniture in the room, and it usually provides not only a place to sleep, but also to sit when you’re hanging out.

Rather than spending money you don’t have on separate comforters, shams and sheets, consider going for a college theme bed-in-a-bag set. That way you get your college theme bedding, but it’s usually a lot cheaper than buying everything separately.

Try looking online to find the greatest selection of college theme bedding possible. Whether you’re looking for the USC Trojans or the Oregon Ducks, you should be able to find your school with relative ease.

College theme decorating: Making it portable

When you finally move out for good, won’t it be nice to be able to pack up everything easy and simply? Moving is already hard. Don’t make it harder on yourself by doing college theme decorating with a bunch of things that won’t easily be transported from one place to another.

The previously mentioned bed-in-a-bag sets are a good portable option. Not only are they typically less expensive, but you can simply repack everything into its bag when you’re ready to move.

Sphere chairs are another portable option that is also light and durable. They make great college theme seating for a small room or apartment. So even if your bedroom’s the only space you have, you have a place to sit other than your bed. (No matter how big it is, it can get uncomfortable once you start trying to have more than two or three people sitting on it.)

Collapsible items, like laundry baskets and trash cans, also make for cute and functional decorations. Plus, when you’re ready to move them, you can simply collapse them to their original size, or use them to carry other stuff, like shoes, clothes or knick-knacks.

College theme decoration: You can do it!

Yes, you’re excited about getting your dorm decorated, but don’t let your room at home fall by the wayside. Take some time to make your room at home pop with some college theme decorating, and don’t be afraid to display your school spirit.

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