Best Patio Design Ideas To Really Enjoy Your Outdoor 42
Best Patio Design Ideas To Really Enjoy Your Outdoor 42

40+ Best Patio Design Ideas To Really Enjoy Your Outdoor

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When it comes to building your dream patio, there are plenty of patio designs to choose from. Before you start your design, it is important to consider several aspects including: space, shape, drainage, grading, and privacy screening. Make sure as you look through patios designs you first plan what you need, and then look for designs that can fit those specifications.

Space Considerations

Making sure to measure the amount of space you have available will help you determine the size of the patio you want to build. Gathering this information before you start looking at designs will prevent you from falling in love with a design that won’t work because of its space and size requirements.

Shape Considerations

There is a lot of creative freedom here, because you can build a patio in any shape you want really. The most common are: squares, rectangles, and ovals. In knowing what kind of space you have and how big you want the patio to be, you can find designs in the shape you want. For instance, if you have a small space but want the largest patio design for that area, you will likely want to go with a rectangle as opposed to an oval. If you have a good bit of space and can handle a smaller patio for that space because you love the oval design, go for it.


The patio is going to need to be built in an area where the excess rain water can drain off of it. You can either build into an existing drainage system or install another for it. Neglecting to consider your particular drainage situation could lead to trouble while the patio is being constructed or worse, after construction is complete.


This is another important consideration, as the patio should be built on a flat and level surface. If the area where you want to build your patio is not flat or level, you will need to take steps to excavate. Building the patio on a surface that is not flat or level will not result in a highly usable patio.

Privacy Screening

This aspect is completely optional and will be a matter of personal preference. If you want privacy screening to keep your neighbors from being able to see you, to keep the bugs out in the summer, or to combat the summer heat, it is a better idea to find a design that uses it when you start building. This way you do not have to figure out how you are going to incorporate the privacy screening after the patio is finished. If you don’t want to use actual screening, you could also build a fence with a gate around the patio area, or use a line of plants to block the view.

Look at several different patio designs and plan around a few of your favorites before you begin the project. This way you can price the designs and decide which one to used based on your budget and desired completion time.

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