Stylish Summer Exterior Designs Ideas To Copy Asap 18
Stylish Summer Exterior Designs Ideas To Copy Asap 18

40+ Stylish Summer Exterior Designs Ideas To Copy Asap

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As summer approaches, you might consider making a few changes around your home to prepare for the best season for entertaining. Summer is a time for outdoor gatherings, parties and barbecues. Small home additions or contracting projects can make a beneficial difference to your exterior design, and make your warm weather entertaining better for your guests!

Adding a deck or patio may be easier than you can imagine, with the help of a professional contractor. Restoring your old patio area, or installing a new one, is obviously a great way to prep for summer parties. Consider additional seating to make your deck more suitable for having people over for lunch or dinner-that way you won’t have to drag out the old lawn chairs to have more guests over! Adding architectural detail to a large, grassy backyard can make it more habitable for guests, too. Terracing or brick retaining walls can be functional as seating, can create more usable space in your yard, and can make room available for great landscaping features to show your individual taste.

You may think that brick patios and wooden decks have very little individuality-but consider your options! You could lay a patio of stone native to your locale, or you could match the patio material to your home’s brick. You could create a patio feature around the distinguishing trees and other flora of your yard. You favorite tree can have seating around it, or you can border a side of your patio with a boxwood hedge. You of course should consider the shade the trees in your yard offer when picking a spot for a deck or patio. An openly-spaced brick patio can allow grass to grow through, or ivy can be trained through lattice-work in a deck. You can fit a patio into your backyard landscape so that it appears to be an organic development of your home and not a recent addition.

Decks lend themselves to many great features-maybe you’d like a gazebo, a veranda, or a screened-in porch? You can build in a hot tub or a grill, or place your deck to maximize the view from your home. For summer enjoyment by you or your potential guests, a new deck or porch addition is a great investment. For a small amount of money, you can add to your yard in a way that will have a big effect on your summer entertaining.

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